Centralize banking operations V/S decentralized banks in Pakistan


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Banks and banking | -- Pakistan

Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to provide an analysis of the Centralized Operations in Banking V/s Decentralized Banks in Pakistan that how the working conditions of the banks can improve if the banks opt to convert its overall operations to centralize rather being remained de centralized. The stakeholders of this project are bank managements, staff, IT professionals, SBP officials, more importantly customers who are going to be most benefited with this and lastly the subject experts who are directly or in directly related with this subject. For this analysis / project, I have conducted a review of the focused group, 3 interviews of the Executives serving different banks centralized or decentralized and questionnaire being filled by 300 individuals provided their review on the subject. This report aims to provide the basis that how Centralized Banking Operations are successful and profitable for the bank with onetime investment in contrast with the decentralized banking operations who are continuously working on their operations to make it feasible for the stakeholders rather failing on the same. The report has covered various aspects of banking system under both centralize mode and decentralize mode. how these both systems work, how the conditions are different under each system, what are the pros and cons of both systems, what general public is thinking about these systems (i.e. Centralize Banking system & Decentralize Banking System). The report covers the opinion on the subject project that our current system could compete with the western system of banking, how much we lagging behind in Infrastructure of information technology, how the precious profit of banks could he saved and is not wasted under the payments of penalties and how the customers of the banking system could enjoy the benefits of banking as much as possible.

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