Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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IBA, established in 1955 with support from world famous Wharton School of Finance, university of Pennsylvania, is the oldest business school outside North America with the vision to be "the best learning institution in Pakistan". In its six decades of service IBA has given many leaders to this country who have not only served as CEO's of institutions like Engro and TCS but also have offered national service under the title of President & Prime Minister. Not only in Pakistan; graduates of IBA, are also serving in leading FMCG institutions globally but also in board of directors of leading global companies. In the year 2009, MBA Executive program was introduced. This program was put in place to better cater the needs of on job professional working in private and public sector and are in the middle of their career. Needs of working professional to rise up and climb the corporate ladders are constantly changing with time and the factors or motivators that influence or encourage them to join IBA for Executive education are different for everyone. The objective of this study is to find out the impellers which causes working class to enter the rigorous two-year Executive program of IBA along with probing where program participants currently map the brand IBA and finally has this education produced any change in the life of graduated students financially and professionally. A detailed research is carried out in the form of a study to investigate and chalk out the reasons which compel an on job professional to only opt for the Executive Business education program of IBA. Reasons/factors like either they need a financial raise on job or to jump up in corporate ranks they need academic gradation of a prestigious institution as an emblem of their competence or they are in need to enhancing their soft skills like communication, critical thinking and emotional intelligence etc. For this motive initially systemic short interview were conducted with participants of Executive MBA requesting them to jot down the motivators which attracted them to join. Further these motives were combined with motives similar in nature and obtained from a study conducted in Hong Kong. Teachers were also contacted to get their perception of why participants come to study in Executive program. Interviews were conducted with teachers and students for further exploration of underlying motives and qualitative exploration. Finally a questionnaire was floated and data was gathered.


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