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MBA Executive Research Project

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Information technology has in the recent times revolutionized our lives. From our daily routine to business. Information Technology has become a source of productivity and efficiency. By keeping up with the changing demands, Information Technology has never become outdated.

Organizations are also making full use of information technology. IT provides organizations with the tools and techniques that can improve their performance and help maintain their competitive advantage. Similarly, organization that are not well utilizing the Information technology services are made to push back by the rest of the organization. The main reason behind this Is, with the use of information technology, the productivity increases as well the efficiency. For the organization not equipped with IT services, it gets difficult to catch up the pace and develop or maintain competitive advantage. IT has been a major factor that can provide organization with strong core competency.

In Pakistan, Information Technology are slowly but actively making its root. There has been quite a lot influx of Information Technology services and tools in the past few decades. Public Sector organizations important parameters for country growth. In Pakistan however. Public Sector organization didn't evolve to be a major stakeholder in country's productivity. It's was also observed that the unfortunate factor of poor governance has also been a reason behind the underutilization of IT services in Public Sector are organization.

This research report was specifically based on the performance of public sector organization and how these organizations are facing poor IT governance. For the research purposes. Research and Development organizations, doing technical work was focused. Targeted distribution of surveys was made to IT professionals only to collect a focused response,

From the survey and the literature analysis, the report concluded that Public Sector R&D organization are indeed facing poor IT governance. There have been multiple areas where Information Technology are not fully utilized. The organization although have abundance of resources, yet it was not managed properly. The Poor IT governance made it worst for Organization to improve their performance, as a result information technology can't be rely on as a major stake holder of country's economy.



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