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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The basic aim of this paper is to study the impact and relationship between job satisfaction and nonfinanciai variables like Age, Marital Status, Gender, Job Autonomy (JS), and Work Life Balance (WLB), Perceived relevance of education (PRE)& perceived Justice of reward system (PJRS). It also recommends how job satisfaction can be maintained among workforce of existing industries in Karachi.

The research has been conducted among industries in Karachi. Dominantly education, medicine, engineering, marketing, market research, accounting & IT/ Computer industries were approached for the data collection. However industrial analysis was not the aim of this research.

Quantitative research methodology has been adopted to study the relationship among variables. A questionnaire was developed covering demographic variables vide simple questions whileJS, WLB, PRE, PJRS were covered vide different scales scored on 5 point likert scales. The questionnaire was administrated online.

The research has proved that non-financial variables have a significant positive correlation with job satisfaction. Alternate hypothesis have been accepted. This does not constitute that financial rewards do not play an important role in job satisfaction but rather give an idea about what kind of variables may be manipulated to increase job satisfaction without putting a dent in company's budget.

This paper may make a substantial contribution towards the data base of human resource management which basically work towards discovery of factors that affect job satisfaction of employees and provide a solution to the problems faced by the employers with respect to employee retention and absenteeism.



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