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Like many other FMCG and telecom companies in Pakistan, Zong has a conventional training model in place to develop and train its employees. Zong incurs a lot of cost every year in conducting trainings which are mostly outsourced by hiring professional trainers.

Proposed WW/WR model is a cost effective tool that utilizes internal company resources in order to develop their people on ground, Zong can save PJCR 1.3 Million to 2.7 Million a year by successful implementation of this model.

In first phase of this model, development needs of targeted population is identified through individual Work reviews. Line manager assesses the competencies of each one of his report and hence identities which area/competency needs to be developed.

In second phase of WW/WR model, line manager plans subsequent individual Work with sessions with all his line reports. Focus of these follow up WW sessions is to develop people in idcntilled development areas through TNA/WR analysis. Line manager also proposes individual development plans for his line reports after each WW session. Purpose of a development plan is to assign relevant tasks and assignments to people through some special project so that they can work upon their weaker links and improve them.

After these two WW sessions, line manager plans a second WR session with each individual. This second WR session helps line manager to analyze the improvement and development gained by each individual.

After second WR session, line manager reassesses all competencies of his line reports and compares results of first WR and second one. If there is significant improvement and development observed then it means that WW/WR objectives have been achieved. But if the individual still lacks i ●es in any competency then same cycle/process is repeated till the time desired performance level is attained.

WW/WR model is an innovative and impactfull training & development model that is unlike orthodox training focuses on both soft and functional skills at the same time. It is also cost effective, practical, easy to implement and can have significant impact upon development of people in their specific development areas.

Reasons, pros and cons of this initiative are discussed in detail throughout the report through primary and secondary research factors. For primary research, a TNA process is designed whose findings arc attached as an appendix and is also available in the Table of Contents. The results of TNA are also discussed in detail within the report.

The outcomes of all research methods, primary and secondary lead to the impact and outcome, which will be presented in the conclusion section of this report.

This model will also serve with great significance to other local and multinational FMCG and telecom companies in particular and other companies in general to train and develop their people at the ground level by effectively utilizing their organization’s resources.


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