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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

in an era of automation we still have to face many dependencies. We still have to be dependent on manual approach to be able to have status of how our electric appliances operates and functions. We can't from remote location access or have updates of our home, office or business place appliances.

The need of the time is to have a device which can do all these functions without even creating trouble for the end user. The device has to be easy accessible, portable, user friendly and work on a single-touch platform. The device intended to control and automate your appliances, can allow you to have their status from a remote location and control them from there too. The device also enables you to have instant alert in case of anything goes wrong with the end-product. It maintains a log of all the important events and let you decide the necessary action according to the event recorded.

The purpose of this research is to find the acceptance of the target audiences to use this device. It'll also intended through research survey that how would these device have an impact on the lives of the respondents and how easy it would be to adopt this as a part of life. The research also considered their preference of whether they are satisfied with the manual operations of the appliances or they are looking for an alternatives.

Considering the alternative, the research project also introduces a new technology for the automation which is by far not available in the market. The project intended to use Zigbee standard in collaboration with SCADA architecture to deploy the structure of automation. The controlling functionality is being provided through smartphone application which fulfills the initial requirement of the time.

The research concluded that there is a lack of awareness among the respondent regarding the alternatives available and also that they are very inclined towards using the automation of appliances. They considered the available featured very important and shown little or no satisfaction over using the manual system for the operation. They research also notified the cost the end-user has to bear to use manual system. Lastly, the research concluded the respondent are willing to use the mentioned automation device provided that it complies with the discussed features.



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