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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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A number of Internet service providers are available for the customers to choose from creating a lot of confusion as to which one of them is the best in terms of service. Packages, charges and accessibility. Since the Internet usage has increased in the Karachi region and along with that the Internet service provider has also increased significantly in the region. rile availability of numerous numbers of Internet service providers has created confusion among the user regarding which internet service provider to select for internet connections Therefore, the aim of this study is to find the best wireless internet service provider in Karachi and the factors behind its success. The study evaluated the quality of various internet service providers and subsequently finding out the best wireless internet service provider in Karachi.

The study has used both primary and secondary data collection methods where primary data was collected from 100 respondents who were users of one or more of the internet services in Karachi region. For secondary data, online databases were accessed and data from authentic news articles were gathered to know about various wireless internet service providers in Karachi.

The primary data through surveys found that factors such as network coverage and stability, price plan, bandwidth and speed, customer service and support, volume quota are important that customers of wireless internet services consider when making decision to select particular WISP. The results also concluded that two key players in the WISPs are Zong and Mobilink/Warid. However, customers also use services from other service providers such as Telenor, Qubee, Wateen, Wi-tribe.

The study was limited by time constraint due to which greater samples from the population were not drawn. For WISPs, it is recommended that their key focus must be on satisfying customer through their services because customers have wide options to switch to other competitor. These services might include discounted price plans, additional data volume, internet speed concerns and customer service and support. For future researchers, the study recommended to increase the sample size for increasing the scope of future studies.


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