Aqueel Ahmed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Existing system of maintenance and fault analysis addresses basically only one element (Helicopter) and fails to address the other elements involved in recovery of the helicopter including delivery of spares, pilots, technicians and time period in testing of the helicopters. Limited spares support, limited tools, long distances, shortage of test equipment are some of the other challenges in maintaining a healthy serviceability state of the helicopters.

During the analysis of the maintenance system, emphasis will be on evaluating important factors like timely testing of helicopters, timely availability of spares at the desired location, competency level of technicians and pilots to work on the helicopters, good serviceability trend at one area as compared to other locations and and recurrent problems specific to any one helicopter. With the evaluation of these factors recommendations will be drawn to improve the existing system of maintenance of Bell -416 helicopters. Due to the nature of data, information regarding locations, flying hours, units and similar sensitive data has been modified and changed to ensure secrecy of the vital data. However, despite changes in the report, efforts have been made to keep the report suitable for academic use in future.

Summarily, through this report I want to review the major problems in maintenance systems and reasons for un-serviceability of Pakistan Army Aviation Bell - 416 helicopters located at different places in Pakistan. Later analysis of the problem will be carried out to reach to the appropriate recommendations to improve the maintenance system and overall betterment in serviceability of the helicopter fleet.



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