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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the opportunities and challenges of mass purification of water using PUREIT (Unilever's water purification device) in order to develop a business stream that will position the brand as the premier purifier for safe drinking water in the country.

The methods of analysis were selected using a dual strategy involving literature review followed by qualitative research. Literature review provided the initial direction for the primary research, which was conducted across the following spectrums:

- Regulators

- Experts

- Consumers

The primary conclusion drawn from the research indicates that access to clean water is quickly becoming one of Pakistan's most important challenges. Pakistan is heading towards becoming a water stressed country and unless the underlying causes are addressed on priority, this will have devastating consequences for the country's people and economy. The Government of Pakistan is also keen to enhance collaboration with private industry as a means of promoting the sustainable use, and mass distribution, of safe drinking water.

The opportunity this indicates for PUREIT is the need to diversify its offerings in Pakistan and position itself as a multi-pronged solution to facilitate the mass water purification needs of the country. The three opportunities for diversification identified for PUREIT include:

- Bottled

- Water Reverse Osmosis based filtration plants

- Community Water Purification plants



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