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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Smart companies always recognizes the problem of the buyer through open forums, seminars, discussion or customer feedback. Etc. Thereafter they will develop the strategies for introducing the new product in those markets.

European manufacturers like Schneider, Siemens . Alstom and Korean manufacturers like DuPont recognizing the potential of Dry Type Transformers in Pakistan as well as awareness among people that oil free technologies helps transformers comply with highest safety standard for people property, and the environment in Pakistan.

In lieu of this companies have a plan to set-up a state of the art assembly plant of Dry Type Transformers in Pakistan, which can fulfill the demand of this region.

The objective of this report is based on consumer behavior, return on Investment Market Research, Price level, cost rationalization and finally customer feedback.

For Pakistan the model we have opted for this research is five stages model of the consumer buying process which is based on problem recognition information search, evaluation of alternatives purchase decision and finally post purchase behavior.

Next step is the market research through Market intelligence in which we have identified the current and future total annual demand of transformers in Pakistan. Current annual demand is around PKR 12 billion and within five years it will around PKR 17 Billion the growth rate will be both in terms of increase of price and MVA . The data of Market intelligence is based on procurement plan issued by DISCOs, past trend of tenders , tenders floated by DISCOs, enquiries received from Industrial/private customer, order received by Siemens and other manufacturers.

The most important part is Current price level that shows European brand like Schneider, Alstom , Siemens, etc , product is -20% higher from the market/Korean manufacturer. This Price level is determined through publically open tenders, orders awarded to different manufacturers etc.

Cost rationalization program is mandatory which we can achieve through alternate sourcing of material, lean production etc.

Finally the customer feedback is also very important. Convenient sampling was done for an open survey. The result of the survey we have analyzed through EDA (Exploratory data analysis). The survey results shows that Customers are fully satisfied from the European and also Korean product and they are also willing to consider new product like Dry Type transformers in current/future projects.

Price level is determined from the publicly opened Wapda Tenders, in Wapda tenders prices are analyzed/decided by Wapda after TOC (total Owning Cost). TOC is further defined in the report.

After customer feedback, project ROl is calculated in which return on Investment is 18 months.

In last emphasis is on cost rationalization so through cost rationalization major market share can be achieved.



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