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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This report is based on studying the impact that smart phones have on millennials. The purpose of this study is to find how the evolving technology has caused changes in the lifestyle of today's youth and whether these changes have been positive, negative or both.

The report begins by giving a brief introduction of the background of the topic chosen, the aim, objectives and scope of the study as well as any limitations that might have been faced while conducting the research to discuss impacts of usage of smartphones on millennials' communication, social interactions, addiction, study habits and health. The next section consists of in-depth secondary research that has been conducted to gain insights regarding the major aspects discussed in the study. The third section of the report includes detailed research methodology which includes a brief description of the target audience, as well as explanation of both primary and secondary sources used in this research.

The study talks about the actual sample achieved and the key findings of the overall research. Detailed findings are explained comprehensively. For primary research graphical representations are also shown for the survey conducted. Moreover, deductions of both the focus group and the interviews conducted have also been explained.

Drawing on findings of both primary and secondary research, it can be concluded that millennials are in fact the generation that are most affected by usage of smart phones since it is this generation that has been brought up in the times where technological advancements have been at its peak. The report talks about both pros and cons of usage of smart phones. Pros include easy communication, background checks, easy research made easy, online shopping and many other. On the contrary, cons can be addiction towards a device which is likely to reduce social physical interaction, physical activities, and health issues. A critical debate to summarize the overall effect of smart phone usage has also been added in the study. Recommendations with respect to how to overcome these problems have also been suggested.

Appendices have been attached, which contain all the relevant tools and transcripts of the primary research. Full effort has been placed in carrying out both field and desk research for this report.



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