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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In today's highly competitive era of business where correct, accurate and timely decision making plays a pivotal role in establishment, survival and development of any business.

As the pace of progress and innovations in every industry Is quite high in the modern world, the art of decision making and management has also been going through various developments. Now decision makers and managers of a firm do not only rely on their professional experience, judgments or industry's others precedence but also many important studies, techniques and tools are available to the managers which make them enable to take effective, correct and timely decisions in their day to day businesses.

Quantitative Analytics is also a very important subject which provides different tools and techniques to the managers for effective decision making. In quantitative modeling managers get historic facts, foresight of the industry's trends through quantifiable data. The raw data then transformed into a meaningful information by using different statistical modeling techniques. Having past, present facts and future forecast give a great leverage to a manager to make efficient strategies, plans and a sound decision making mechanism.

In this paper, we have discussed the importance of Quantitative Analytics for any industry in their decision making process. The paper is primarily focused the importance and use of quantitative analytics in Banking & Financial Services for within their business development and risk management areas along with other industries i.e. medical, telecom, mutual funds and stock brokerage etc.

There are some important topics, quantitative methods and models which are being widely used in different industries for various kinds of decisions making are discussed in this paper. All junior, middle & senior level professionals and students need to get the expertise in these areas of quantitative analytics to polish their managerial skills. A survey conducted on professionals of various industries is also included in this paper.



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