Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The topic “Feasibility of launching Mechanical Couplers in steel fixtures”, has been selected to present to IBA as my research report. The puipose of this report is to establish the understanding of mechanical couplers instead of traditional lap splices in concrete reinforcement for all stake holders so they can specify and use this product in their steel fixture to get required strength in low cost. Since there has been use of lap splicing in steel fixture for so long, but the new century has outdated the use of lap splice in developed country and the use of mechanical couplers have become common to provide steel the required length with standard strength without losing the concrete ratio. Therefore, it is necessary and need of the time that country like Pakistan who is in its developing stage must adopt this product as has been adopted internationally.

For my research I am going through different processes to design the report like, secondary research includes industry publications, news articles, and analyst reports, companies websites. While the primary research includes the interviews with industry experts who belong to the consultancy of steel rebars, dealing with steel rebar like contractors, builders retailers. Meeting with focused group that includes consultants and contractors and a survey with 100 participants like (10% Steel rebar distributors, 30% Builders, 30% Contractors, 30% dealers/retailers were selected for survey of questionnaire who belonged to steel business.

Interviews with industry experts and meeting with focused group helped me designing my research questions and my survey with 100 participants as described above helped me to get the answer of my research questions.



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