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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The major problem most companies lace in this day and age is their high turnover rate and the failure they face in retaining their most valuable asset, i.e. their employees. Employee retention can be difficult due to multiple reasons of which having a prospect of being highly paid is one of the major contributors.

Other environmental contributors can be directly linked back to management practices. Turnover is higher in the organizations where employee feels that they are taken advantage of, feel undervalued or ignored or may be helpless. Management policies also participant majorly in retaining the employee or letting them go because these policies focus mainly on the employee benefits and incentives that might appear generous or stingy.

Several factors, which influence turnover, are corporate events such as mergers or acquisitions, layoffs. Turnovers can also be because of demographic specifics especially for women who balance work and family life at the same time. Work stress associated with particular job types is also one of the major factors that push employees to change their jobs.

This report will be discussing the turnover factors like;

Salary Scale


Advancements and Promotion Policies

Working Environment

Working Procedures

In detail, the problems organizations face normally when their skilled employees leave, what remedial measures can be taken to control high employee turnover rate and what is a health}’ turnover rate for organizations to keep new ideas coming and fresh blood flowing through.



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