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Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan has gone through remarkable transformation during last few years, few decades back, there were only few companies operating in Pakistan arid major share was occupied by multinational pharmaceutical companies, but now the situation has reversed, The national pharmaceutical companies, which were previously considered as low quality and low price options, have arrested the greater share of the industry in Pakistan and managing a number of brand leaders in several categories.

For better execution of promotional tools, pharmaceutical marketing Mix is developed. The pharmaceutical marketing Mix is a set of promotional tactics used for marketing and selling pharmaceutical products. Marketing Mix in pharmaceutical industry is different from other industries, there is greater marketing Mix spending on the sales force.

In-Clinic, promotional Mix includes detailing aid, leave behind material, samples, promotional giveaways/Gifts, and direct mailers etc. etc.

Out-Of-Clinic promotional Mix includes clinical trials/ studies/ seminars/ symposia round table discussion, academic conference sponsorships, film shows, advertisements, public relations, free medical camps, corporate marketing, hospital/ward improvement programs, E-marketing etc. etc.

There has been an increase in competition in pharmaceutical industry due to which there has been a shift in the marketing strategies of pharmaceutical companies.



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