Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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When a child is born, parents make up their mind that their child would become an engineer, a doctor, a business graduate, a pilot or some executive with a fancy designation which they envy however no one ever thinks if their child can become an entrepreneur who can generate brilliant ideas and deliver good products and services to the market. The reason is our social background where people think that becoming part of the salaried class is actually what an individual should target. Children are forced to think unidirectional and due to non availability of career counselors at school, college and university levels most of the youth ends up doing jobs that they don't like and living a life that they don't want. This causes deficit in creativity, inventions, evolution of minds, economic growth thus resulting the entire youth to be part of the corporate machinery.

Pakistan is a land of opportunities which is striving hard for its existence from almost 6 decades. The country has been gifted with talented youth, all four seasons, various minerals, natural resources, export quality fruits and crops however our current system does not allow an individual to perform any task without hindrance. The difference between haves and have not's is increasing day by day and the reason behind this issue is unavailability of sufficient jobs and government support for individuals below poverty line which is also resulting in increase of crime rate in the country.

MNC's on the other hand have started wrapping up after making enough money and most of them have already closed their operations while rest of the chunk is waiting for the right timeslot. Meanwhile senior entrepreneurs who have stable setups in the market from decades have learned on how to survive and grab opportunities by becoming part of the system. Instead of improving it they have learned how to handle it and keep on investing against new ideas for their upcoming generation. In contrast most of the young talent in Pakistan despite of having brilliant ideas do not proceed and experiment due to unfavorable conditions, non availability of proper coaching or guidance which eventually makes them part of the salaried class.

As I am myself one of the affected individuals who chose a career in the corporate world due to unavailability of appropriate guidance, I was therefore interested to perform a research in order to understand what is actually holding back the youth and why aren't people opting for an entrepreneurial career though they have an inclination towards the same. This entire journey not only enlightened my thoughts but also clarified on how the unguided set of individuals in our society end up doing jobs they don't like whereas in actual they could have been successful entrepreneurs.



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