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This academic report is submitted to the university as part of MBA program completion. It is based on the textile industry of Pakistan and the research problem question was on the "Impact of Environmental Management Systems on overall cost of the company; A case study on textile firms in Pakistan”. A series of interviews were conducted with decision makers of few textile units to evaluate their perception about the same. The research hypothesis was focused on finding the answers to whether the investment in EMS does has a positive impact on the overall production cost of the company in the longer run and how does it affect the company’s performance and image in the longer run. For that apart from interviewing the stake holders of 20 different organizations one company Yunus Textile Mills Ltd was selected as a case to work in dept on and this company being the employer of the researcher as well.

The textile industry of Pakistan contributes heavily towards internal manufacturing and national employment. Since Pakistan is 4"" largest producer of cotton and renowned for quality products in the international market with US and Europe as main buyers. The textile exporters have enjoyed good profit margins in the past and also brought in foreign exchange against their international orders. In recent years the Pakistan is going through series of unfavorable conditions that caused downfall of textile industry and the exporters are struggling on the edge for survival.

For the current research 20 personal interviews were conducted as part of qualitative research methodology. The intention was to derive manufacturer’s personal perception about textile industry future outlook and the steps needed to stay in order to sustain and have a favorable market position.

In the sample of 20 respondents 100% purely export their products and majority of the respondents had exports to US and Europe. According to the results most of the manufacturers consider the initial setup cost of EMS very high but do see a long term benefit out of it. The manufactures are believe that the overall cost of production would go down in the longer run owing to the high cost of utilities and other variable items.

In the conclusion the research hypothesis proves to be true as most manufacturers do see the long term perspective in the implementation of the EMS in their organizations.


VIII, 66

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