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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited (LCPL) is a world-class supplier of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), an essential raw material which forms the backbone of Pakistan s polyester chain.Downstream products of PTA include Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF), Filament Yarn (FY) and PET (bottle grade). Lotte, the South Korean conglomerate, acquired the majority shareholdings in Pakistan PTA Limited (PPTA) in September 2009. Subsequently, the name of the Company was changed to Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd.

LCPL plant at Port Qasim is a state of the art manufacturing facility and is considered as one of the best nurseries for young engineers coming out of Universities. The management team at Lotte leaves no stone upturned in development of Trainee Engineers by imparting in them the necessary technical and managerial skills. LCPL management takes pride in its Trainee Engineers and considers them as a valuable asset.

A trend of high attrition of Trainee engineers has been observed at LCPL m last two years. The primary purpose of this research is to understand the reason behind high attrition of Trainee Engineers and to mitigate the sources of concerns.

Research was conducted by asking in depth questions from Ex-Trainee Engineeis (Trainees who were part of LCPL and have now left). Current Trainee Engineers, Line Manages and Section Heads. A comprehensive analysis was performed to determine the root cause of this high attrition.

All the possible reasons were segmented into Null and Alternate Hypothesis. Rigorous testing was performed at each of the identified cause to ensure that analysis is infallible. Multiple testing of each established cause was also performed tor the same purpose. Questionnaire was circulated to 75 respondents out of which 56 responses were received and analyzed. At the end of this research both root causes and contributory causes have been highlighted with recommendation for each of the point. At some points, compete data has not been published considering its confidentiality.



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