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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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Saleem Umer

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

With the emergence of industrialization as major economy booster from the agricultural state, the urban cities of Pakistan are supposed to play the major role in the success and development of country's financial and economic conditions. Better economic opportunities are available in the urban cities is the major factor and attraction for the towns and small cities to move to urban regions. However the pace and rate of urbanization in Pakistan brings together some challenges and issues which are addressed in the report. Pakistan lags greatly as far as urbanization infrastructure, policies and planning are concerned therefore, it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to realize the importance of this subject. bout 60 million people are expected to move to the urban zones of Pakistan after a decade, the part urban cities in the development and progress of Pakistan has sheer share. This study identifies the costs and ben fit of urbanization in Pakistan, solutions and preemptions of the addressed issues are also highlighted in the later sections. Pakistan's economy also drives from the manufacturing and industrial sectors which are centered in the cities. Urban cities e.g., Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar etc. all together contributes up to 80% of country's GOP out of which Karachi has the grander share of around 70%. The growth of urbanization has developed many cities of Pakistan, modernized Pakistanis, bringing boost to economy and education as well but on the other hand extreme urbanization in some cities e.g., Karachi has limited the services and resources along with some challenges like unemployment, access to education for all citizens equally, poverty, increase in slum areas, threats to peace of country and other social and economic issues. A great segment of society is going through instability, disappointments and discontent because of facing problems like discriminations because of political, financial and religious reasons. To eradicate these issues and to bring peace, harmony and development amongst the people it is important to study the options for rebuilding and reframing the urbanization strategies and infrastructure. Poverty eradication policies might be implemented which will solve many of the pointed issues like unemployment, crime, poor infrastructure, environmental challenges, social problems; no access to education etc. education should have the utmost priority to start catering these issues. Further various solutions are recommended in the later section, such as city cluster development project as implemented m various countries, intelligent usage of human resources to empower education.



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