Sana Baloch


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Change in dynamics of shopping in our society and consumers being more aware of their choices and preferences has brought about major changes in retailing. Customers are looking for the whole shopping experience rather then just a good quality product, especially when purchasing fashion goods. Therefore, with increasing challenge in fashion retailing, all around the world marketers and researchers are looking for ways that can help retailers keep their stores appealing to their target markets and keep sales steady. Fashion retailers now feel, just branding and marketing their products outside the stores does not keep them at par with other fashion retailers and they need to create impulse for their customers to increase sales and influence customers decision process. This trend is rapidly being incorporated in the Pakistan fashion retailing and with the emergence of malls. This has led to more competition among retailers due to more demanding, better informed and a diverse set of consumers. Hence, it is vital to understand the behavioral pattern of general population of fashion consumers for any successful retailer. Although, many researches have been made in the area of impulse buying but there is room for further study in fashion impulse buying behavior for Pakistan's market. Along with secondary research, a comprehensive primary research has been done involving all stakeholders (retailers, designers & consumers). However, this study is limited in its ability to draw exact inferences. A questionnaire was developed and discussed with the assigned faculty member for the purpose of studying the consumer buying pattern and impulse influencing variables. A sample size of selected



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