Mirza Wajid


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The project is about the implementation of a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) in Engro Foods Limited to efficiently manage its Fixed Assets and that will be linked with the SAP, the main ERP. The management approved the project with a budget constraint of Rs. 4 million. The objective of the new ERP is "End to end solution for the company's fixed assets management". The salient features of the ERP are: there will be no manual intervention and change in SAP by the finance guy so all the records in SAP need to be updated through the project development instead of manual data punching in SAP, proper documentation and availability of the same in few clicks, all the processes (AR, PECA, PET A, Disposals, reports) should be automated, the data requirement of all the stakeholders need to be fulfilled and stakeholders to be empowered to retrieve the required details from the new ERP by their own, all approvals to be obtained through the ERP, the development should be user-friendly, and completeness to be ensured with respect to documentation which will track the individual asset from asset creation to disposal so there be no mysterious disappearance of the Company's assets. To develop the project, I have met with all the general managers and managers of the Company who are taking care of the Company's operation to gather the examples and their requirements that need to be incorporated in the customized ERP. To get the external view, the meetings were organized with many finance managers of Engro group companies (Engro Corporation, Engro Fertilizer, Engro Vopak, Engro Eximp Agri Product, Engro Power-Gen, etc) and finance managers of Habib Bank Limited, Summit Bank, Unilever Pakistan walls, etc. and concluded the fact that it's a difficult task to do so as almost all the companies were manually managing their assets except for Engro Fertilizer who is using share point to some extent and walls who is using barcode tracking software. For the development of the project few of the articles like ERP Solutions Between Success, 2013, and Accounting and Management Information Systems 2012, Mind Mapping has also been used for the effective development of ERP workflows. The paper helped us to conclude that the ERP is integral for improved business controls. The authors focus their attention on the success factors of the project emphasizes the importance of the organization's change culture and the adequate change management process, the full commitment of the management and the needs of employees' awareness of change and implication in the project. Proper planning and execution according to the plan are integral for successful project completion. The project has also been divided into two phases due to the complex nature and number of stakeholder's involvement. We have to visit all major stakeholders and project planning and then the training as both the aspects are critical for the successful completion of the project so we have planned to visit all the Company's locations twice accordingly. It has also been realized that the top management involvement is critical for the project's success so we have involved the management committee of the Company to identify major stakeholders and to develop their interest in the new project.



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