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MBA Executive Research Project

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Oxytocin emerged as a human medicine for curing pregnancy related complications in women. However with time it was also introduced to dairy cattle for its two major advantages:-

a. Milk let down/Release of milk.

b. Relieve in pregnancy.

Seeing its advantages of milk let down, the dairy farmers mainly in India and Pakistan started using it as a daily practice. Numerous articles were published in the past in India and Pakistan about its harmful effects but there yet, not seems any serious effort taken in this regard. All of the western countries and even India has banned this injection long ago(to be used in dairy cattle) but in Pakistan it is widely being used with out any hinderance/check. Dairy farmers do not keep calf with them and use consistently (3-5ml) of Oxytocin each time before milking for milk let down/increase in milk quantity,which has serious harmful effects on cattle and on human beings. Its harmful effects on the cattle and human beings consuming such milk are as below:-



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