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Guar seed is produced in Pakistan, India, USA, South Africa. Malawi, Zaire and Sudan region mainly. India constitute about 72% -75%, Pakistan 22% to 25% and 2% -3% goes to rest of the total production. Guar is a versatile kind of product with its multi-functional properties due to which many sectors are using and having its benefits.

World’s market for guar gum is estimated to be around 150,000 - 160,000 tons/year, 70-75% of which is produced by India and Pakistan. The USA is the largest consumer of guar gum with an annual consumption of 45,000 tons which represents 25% of world trade. Germany & Japan consume another 23% between them with the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands combining take further 22% of world trade. The world guar market is a mature one and increasing steadily (>2% per year). The area of growth is in Asia and South America as standards of living increase resulting in the increased consumption of processed food.

The concept is to open new avenues through the diversification of guar gum into its derivatives by developing its facility in Pakistan.

One of the most commonly used form of guar derivatives and prime ingredients of Shampoos, soaps, creams, hair gels, other cosmetics; mud formation ingredient for oil well drilling and paints is modified guar which is still not being produced in the Pakistan. This modified guar is imported from Denmark, Brazil, USA and China etc. while there are few manufacturers of modified guar available internationally.

Initial efforts will be more aggressive toward direct sales in local market starting from selected prospects mentioned in sample size and then focus will be on international prospects after getting results from local customers. Technical sales and marketing team will assist business development team in developing new customers of local and international markets.



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