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MBA Executive Research Project

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Global attention is presently fixated on the price of oil and the growing body of evidence that global warming is a major threat to our collective ecosystem. Pakistan is almost 60% reliant on fossil fuels for its current power. Solar panels are available in market easily but major problem is the electrical storage. Batteries used for solar electricity storage are mostly imported and have high cost. Some minor technical changes (using of deep discharge plates) will enable Atlas battery to make long life and inexpensive solar storage batteries which have great market potential.

The purpose of this feasibility research project was to find the market opportunities of solar charge batteries and a sustainable energy solution addressing green energy needs. A baseline scenario was created that centers on a 5KW photovoltaic system. Together with a battery array backup, this system can produce enough to cover the loads for a small business, hospitals and small communities. Three independent variables were identified i.e. electricity burden, reliability and quality of AGS batteries over the market of new product of solar panel batteries.

It can be inferred from this research report that solar panels batteries are more cost effective and reliable than the traditional batteries. The correlation is significant and more electric burden will increase the sale and market of solar panel batteries. Likewise more reliability and quality of AGS batteries will increase the market of solar panel batteries. The advertisement strategy would also play an important role in capturing the market. It can also be concluded that solar panel batteries are highly affordable for upper, medium and lower medium class. These batteries are not only reliable for household usage but can easily be installed in industrial utilization.

It is recommended that government has to take serious and major steps to promote alternative renewable energy sources in order to mitigate the electricity burden and load shedding problems in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. The tax should be minimizing on the equipment and installation service industry so that more people can afford this alternative economical method of electricity production.


VII, 62

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