Aisha Iqtadar


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Objective of the study aimed to explore awareness level of people towards clinical trials, their attitudes and willingness to participate & concerns, if any, regarding clinical trials/ investigations. The study also explored current trend of clinical trials in Pakistan and ongoing participation of pharmaceuticals in conducting clinical trials. It also identified, if outsourcing, of clinical trials Is attractive for local and foreign Investigators/sponsors in Pakistan.

Clinical trials provide the basis for new drug development and purpose of doing clinical trials is to improve quality of life. Through, Clinical trials -Any new drug, device or treatment regimen that is developed ought to not Just be effective for treating the given disease condition but also safe for human use. Only 10% of all the drugs started in human clinical trial become an approved drug. Successful outcomes of clinical trial are dependent required number of patients which in turn, is dependent on awareness, positive attitude and will of participation in the clinical trials.

General population is the most benefitted number from outcomes of clinical trials in the long run. Over the time, there is a shift of clinical trials from developed to developing countries. Main driving factors of this movement is huge population, widespread of diseases and cost effectiveness. Number of investigators in Asia grew at annual average rate of 14% compared to North America which is 09%.

Conduct of clinical Trial is advantageous for the society, pharmaceuticals, CROs and to the region, at large. Conducting trials Is an expensive investment with average 40-60%, risks of failure at any phase.

It was observed that awareness level of people living in Karachi is low. However, attitude is neutral, which is due to lack of knowledge but none of the respondent show negative response towards it. However, willingness to participate is reported by more than 50% of the population. Current trend of clinical trial In Pakistan Is Increasing.

Awareness level needs to be raised, so that patients would have knowledge regarding patient' rights during study and they can decide themselves to participate and advocate others for the participation. If the awareness is high and attitudes are positive It would cover the biggest challenge of patient recruitment and therefore, can make drug development procedure easier. Special care should be taken by all investigators to completely inform the possible benefits and risks to people, as any misconduct in revealing information can turn attitude of public towards negative & high patient withdrawal rate. Therefore, strong need to conduct informational and educational sessions on clinical trial, so that Pakistan would become attractive place of investing in clinical trials.



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