Kamran Zia


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this thesis is to discuss QMobile and its operations as a business entity. Keeping this in mind, the thesis aims to analyze, assess and evaluate whether QMobile can operate in the same way it has been operating since its inception.

The thesis will focus on the issues at hand and try to explore the factors that have created certain problems that prevent the business from reaching its true potential. This includes all those issues that have not been resolved to date. The major problems as ascertained through our primary and secondary research lead us to focus on three main issues which could hamper the business going forward. They are as follows:

1. Lack of innovation

2. Quality is not on par with competing manufacturers

3. Potential target market

Each of the aforementioned problems will be discussed in detail, after which viable solutions will be proposed based on the primary research that has been carried out. Only after each and every problem has been identified and fully understood, only then can the research be relied upon for an effective solution to the problem and how they can be overcome once and for all. For this reason entirely, several assumptions for study along with proposals will be put forward, that too with statistical backing.

In recent years QMobile has shown exponential growth; capturing 50% of the market share in a little over 5 years, creating a sort of monopoly in the local mobile market not seen since the dominant days of Nokia. However, things could drastically change in the coming years as the mobile market matures with the advent of 3G/4G technology. No matter how QMobile manages to overcome its problems and try to portray itself as a ‘Premium’ brand, it has not currently managed to attract the attention it had initially hoped for.

Based on our primary research, QMobile suffers from low brand image which stems from their phones lack of quality and innovation which rely on excessive marketing to sell. This has been a winning strategy up till now but things could change as the competition heats up in the low priced phone segment.

It is quite evident how QMobile is confronted with a dilemma unlike any other. The problem is not as simple as it may seem, it is in fact more complicated and it will only worsen if the company does not take note of its future challenges and makes the necessary changes internally and externally in order to turn the whole situation around and for their benefit.

It is safe to say the conclusion depends on a lot of different factors which will be explored and thoroughly examined for an effective solution which will also rely on primary and secondary research.



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