Adnan Saeed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The purpose of the research was to analyze and assess the role of China-Paldstan economic corridor with regards to its impact on human capital development in Pakistan. It has been researched that Pakistan has been thriving hard to maintain good economic relationship with its neighboring countries especially with China. The strategic location of Pakistan has attracted many local and foreign investors to develop economic activities in the country. Moreover, Pakistan is also in dire need to maintain, improve and sustain its human capital development so that the overall economy grows at a feasible rate. Thus, this problem of improving human capital development in Pakistan has encouraged the country to take drastic steps such as the development of China-Pakistan economic corridor.

For the purpose of carrying out this research, the researcher has adopted both primary and secondary data collection technique. Primary data was collected from two main sources which includes close ended and open ended survey questions. The sample size of the study includes 100 respondents who are directly or indirectly involved with the various projects of China-Pakistan economic corridor. On the other hand, secondary data was collected from past literature, journals and research papers pertaining to the topic of human capital development and China- Pakistan economic corridor.

As per the primary and secondary data analyzed, it can be concluded that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would have a significant and positive impact on the overall economic growth and human capital development of Pakistan. According to this study, CPEC agreement would improve employment level in Pakistan along with a decrease in poverty levels and an increase in standard of living in terms of health, food and quality of education. This is because CPEC is one of its kind project in Pakistan and requires highly qualified staff in the long term future. In order to exploit these opportunities Pakistani population will attempt to improve their educational professional qualifications and ultimately the quality of education in Pakistan will improve.

One of these most important recommendations for CPEC is to improve the work force dedication and overall security of the various projects under CPEC agreement. This is because any sort of mis-happening in terms of security will have an adverse impact on the overall development of various projects. However, the study also faced different limitations. There are some limitations in this study due to time and budget constraints faced by the researcher. Due to limited time researcher was unable to collect data from bigger sample. In addition, researcher could not conduct long term study due to limited time. Therefore, future researches are recommended to increase their sample size and should focus primarily on the rural and remote areas of Pakistan.



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