Ahad Hussain


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Power sector in Pakistan is going to a mini revolution due to several upcoming ePEe based power projects. These projects will increase 30% of power generation across the country. However, this means that new power plants would need skilled manpower to run their upcoming operations creating opportunities for employees working in current power plants to switch to new IPPs. This would result in increased turnover and hamper sustainability of the currently operational power plants.

This report identifies this upcoming human resource related challenge that current IPPs and power generation plants in Pakistan are facing due to a boom in power sector after execution of ePEe projects in the country. The research focuses on impact of boom in power sector on employee turnover in the currently operationa llPPs and power generation plants and whether the currently operational companies are anticipating this challenge along with planning contingencies to face this predicament.

The survey results depict interest of employees either to work in their current companies or move to one of the upcoming IPPs. The survey also calculates correlation between satisfaction with current compensation and tendency to move to another organization. Moreover, this report identifies factors that influence decision of employees in power sector to stay or leave a company. Furthermore, the literature review contains secondary data on employee retentions and global best practices. Also, based on the data collection, the report also recommends a detailed contingency plan for current companies against upcoming IPPs in terms of retention of key employees and establishing smooth HR operations.



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