Kamran Ali


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is operator of Sui gas field for around past 60 years. Since start of its operations in the area the company has taken de facto responsibility, though it is not legal or contractual binding, of water provision to local population besides meeting demand of its own operations. The company established, in 1957, a pumping station, called Khewali Pump Station (KPS), situated in district Rajanpur, Punjab at a distance of 57 kilometres from Sui. Initially 10” dia. pipeline was laid from KPS to Sui which was later upgraded to 14” dia. in late 70’s. In 1984-85, under Phase- I of water expansion scheme the system was upgraded to cater 2.7 MGPD of raw water to Sui at projected annual increase of 7%. Pipe section from MP-20 to Sui was replaced with 20” dia. pipeline under this scope of expansion works. During Phase-ll, in 1997, the remaining length of 14” dia. pipeline from MP-0 to MP-20 was replaced with 20” in addition to 2x raw water pumping sets. The pumping capacity was enhanced from 2.7 MGPD to 5.4 MGPD.

Although the present design pumping capacity of KPS is 5.4 MGPD, yet the system is being operated at 3.7 MGPD to a maximum due to pressure debating of pipeline resulted from internal and external corrosion. Even if the system is restored to its design capacity, it shall not suffice the current demand based on present within field demand and outfield population’s estimated demand (See Section 9.1.3 ‘Supply Vs Demand’).

A survey was designed to assess the nature of water supply problems being faced by Sui residents and company’s plants / operations. Based on survey results, data analysis and estimates of projected demand for a design life of 20 years it is proposed that a total of 7.8 MGPD will be required to meet all operational and populations needs. Assumptions and approach towards this estimate are discussed in later sections. With the estimated demand a detailed water expansion feasibility report is worked out. The report covers technical aspects on sizing / selection of necessary hardware including construction / installation of 57 kilometres and 24” dia. pipeline from KPS to Sui, 1 x additional raw water pumping set, and 6 x additional storage tanks (Capacity 150,000 gallons each), 1 x electric power generator, 22 x tube wells along with acquisition of land. The commercial part deals with budgetary cost estimates for the project and individual components.



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