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MBA Executive Research Project

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A performance model lends a plan to the actualization of any organization’s visions and goals and allows for monitoring and measuring progress. Without such a model, an organization will struggle to achieve strategic goals and will eventually fail. Mondelez Pakistan Limited is a subsidiary of Mondelez International Inc. that operates two plants in Pakistan. It is struggling to emulate the culture of its international counterparts and facing high attrition rates. Mondelez International Inc. seeks to be a High Performance Organization. If Mondelez Pakistan Limited is to reach that status, it needs to investigate the reasons it is struggling to retain employees and develop and implement a performance model.

When designing a performance model, organizations must consider factors that influence job satisfaction, leadership, employee motivation and the overall company philosophy. This study aims to build such a model and suggest methods of implementing it, based on investigations of current operations, employee behavior and knowledge, and Mondelez’s vision and philosophy.

Mondelez employees filled in a questionnaire, were interviewed and partook in focused group The questionnaire was designed based on Mondelez’s aims to be a High Performance Organization. Employees and managers filed in the questionnaire (n = 65), senior management were interviewed and both employees and management participated in focused group discussions. Thematic analysis was conducted of interviews and focus group discussions. discussions. Employees were unfamiliar with Mondelez’s aims to be a High Performance Organization and were dissatisfied by the lack of clear structure and processes in the organization, lack of Job delineation and reward and recognition systems.



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