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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Automobile industry has a significant share in overall industrial sector in the world. Several new models of cars are launched every year globally to cater the demand of customers pertains to technology advancement, field efficiency, comfortability and environmental issues. Global energy crisis and continues volatility in oil prices have risen the demand for dual fuel/hybrid technology vehicles. All automotive companies are focusing on improvement in fuel efficiency and user comfort while maintaining the quality at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, atmospheric conditions of the world is changing rapidly due to human activities, industrial waste, transportation and everyday living life style. . Efforts are being made internationally to devise the ways for reducing these environmental effects by innovating in environment friendly/green technologies and creating awareness among the people

A hybrid technology vehicle has mainly two types of energy incenses, electricity and fuel. It combines an internal combustion engine and electric motors to assist the engine’s mechanical power. The hybrid technology car achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional internal combustion engine cars. However, hybrid cars are high price compared with other types conventional engine vehicles because of innovative technology. Researches are going to reduce its cost for volume selling.

Present government in Pakistan has come with the idea of introducing hybrid cars in Pakistan. This idea is partially seem to be successful as elite class had already adopted it. Moreover, Govt announced tax relaxation for hybrid cars to promote the hybrid cars market in the country. Since, no one is making hybrid cars locally in Pakistan, therefore imports are the most obvious option.



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