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Use of renewable energy is as old as the human civilization, wind was used to navigate vessels in the waters and to facilitate the application for grain grinding. Solar was used primarily as a source of light and for crop cultivation. In the current times we have seen energy being produced by all possible means which also includes the Nuclear, Coal and fossilized fuel.

Due to vertical growth in human population and rapid industrialization, we have consumed the gifts of Mother Nature and are on the verge of destroying the world by polluting the air, environment and water. Soon the world will start to run out of its resources. A. lot of work has been done in alternate energy sources to achieve sustainable growth by channelizing free of cost renewable energy with zero or minimum damage to the environment.

The way we have started to utilize natural gas by putting gas cylinders in our cars is no less than a plundering of our natural wealth. God forbid, soon we will run out of gas and anew problem will emerge. Most of the parts of our country have already been given access to natural gas through a network of pipelines but some of the areas, where pipelines are hard to reach, were left with no option but to consume it through a cumbersome module operand! of gas cylinders which is not only costly but also rely on a nonstop supply of filled gas cylinders.

This research will try to establish on the basis of facts whether the Solar technology could be the best possible viable future option. Although there are many products available that harness the Solar energy but this research paper will look into the aspects necessary to ascertain the prospects of Solar powered water geysers for northern areas of Pakistan where gas pipelines have not yet reached. Pakistan in general and northern areas in particular will be the focus of this study.



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