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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The concept of Weekly Bachat Bazars is quite common in Karachi due to large distances of a Mega Metropolis.These usually cater for the lower income socio-economic classes. However one such Bazar which used to be organized at DHA was independent of area or income group specific customer base. However this Bazar abruptly came to an end in April 2015 due to termination of contract between DHA and the vendors. Since no land at an appropriate location is now available at DHA so the Bazar is facing permanent close down.

The review of available literature on the subject reflects that not only did a couple of thousand businesses suffered from the closedown but a large number of consumers of this market are disappointed with the decision. A primary research into the problem reflects that majority of the former consumers used to spend about 2 to 3 hours every week in this Bazar and used to spend about Rs 2000 to 4000. People liked the quality of items on sale with imported items section housing toys, jewelry and shoes being most popular one. Respondents satisfied with the standard of services which were being offered in that Bazar by DHA and they want a revival of the Bazar for which they are prepared to voice their opinion.

A secondary data collection through interviews and focused group discussion brought forward further statistics and details like various security and services arrangements made by DHA in that Market. The statistical means reflect that the questionnaire used was reliable and the data is significant enough to carry out further probe. A balanced gender profile of the respondents has been observed whereas the socio-economic profile suggests that the respondents belonged to various income groups with majority from upper income class.

The social aspects of the closure have been identified like loss of income for vendors, labour, transporters and service providers while some people have benefited from the close down like local residents and local businesses. Certain Marketing imperatives have also been recognized like emergence of wholesale-retailing by forward integration of manufacturers and emergence of a new market segment.

In the end, a long term response option has been suggested regarding establishing IBADHA Weekend Market as an IBA CED incubation Program. The land is suggested to be provided by DHA whereas IBA will render advice on professional aspects of Business like legal, financial, marketing, strategic and operational management. Certain Short terms measures like improving existing Sunday Market at Korangi Road have also been suggested.



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