Zahid Hussain


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The $46 billion ’ China- Pakistan Economic Corridor' is a media favorite , with the doves calling it a game changer for the country and the hawks are unrelentingly trying to show it as 'China Punjab Economic Corridor’. These two extreme positions are making the project all the more vulnerable to the hostile interventions. US , India and Afghanistan are not happy the way this corridor is prospecting for Pakistan and China. The real fact though lies in between these two positions and a careful synchronization of effort is required to ensure a secure environment for the businesses to operate without fear of loss.

The corridor passes through difficult terrain features of Kara Kurum , Himalaya and other mountainous features with diverse and sometime hostile demographic make up. Religious elements who should have been the guarantee for security are viewed as the greatest threat for CPEC Similarly the perceived benefactors i.e. the Baloch youth is also not on board. This situation makes the complete plan a security nightmare.

Security is a costly affair and needs complete ownership by the public at large. Army led security apparatus suitably reinforced by the Chinese technological surveillance system will ensure proper security for the businesses on the corridor. Following are some of the security measures required:-

  • Important chock points along the corridor be identified and occupied by the security forces. The Vital Areas and Vital Points along the corridor be suitably integrated in the security mechanism .
  • Well regulated and smooth flow of traffic by the Highway Police will provide inbuilt security to the corridor.
  • Effective satellite and arid cover of the corridor should be ensured with effective support from China.
  • Public ownership of the project will act as a force multiplier for security of the corridor. To this effect the political forces to join hands and iron out political differences in the larger national interest.
  • Positive media image about the security situation along the corridor will strengthen the confidence of the transport owners and traders.



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