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MBA Executive Research Project

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Although there have been some studies of Six Sigma methodology’s implementation i: service industry in different parts of the world; however, similar studies or applications are close to non-existent in Pakistan. There is a serious lack of awareness about Six Sigma’s application to service industry; as more of its applications are found in the manufacturing industry both globally and in Pakistan. This research papers focuses on the benefits of implementation of Six Sigma methodology to service industries

Before establishing the premises, secondary research was done through a detailed literature review of 35+ case studies. These case studies covered fi-om importance of Six Sigma to implementation of it in various service industries. The secondary researched was focused in establishing the gap between developed and developing countries when it comes to Six Sigma implementation. It was further extended to establish the gap of developing world with Pakistan in implementation of Six Sigma in Service industry. Through the secondary research it established that there is no credible evidence available on utilization of Six Sigma in service industry in Pakistan.

In order to establish the importance of Six Sigma in service industry in Pakistan primary researched focused on implementation of it in two service organization. One Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in Pakistan and the other was on top Business School in Pakistan.

After meeting with the Country Head of the BPO organization it was established that loss of hours or leakages is their main concern. Hence, for BPO we looked at the leakages in production hours to improve production and in turn the revenue. The results proved increase in sigma level from 3.5 to 4 and an annualized savings of PKR 10.7 mil at current rate due to reduction in leakage factors

For Academia the focus was on improvement in participant’s satisfaction level during the executive training programs. Primary objective was achieved with increase in sigma level fi-om 2.9 to 3.1 and reduction in defects by -4.20%.

The more important outcome is the fact that considerable improvement can be brought into our quality of service delivery in service industry of Pakistan through implementation of Six Sigma methodologies. We have the expertise and opportunities, all we need is focus. A detailed overview of focus areas in different service industries were also identified where Six Sigma give them competitive edge through improvement in quality of service.


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