Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Quality of education has been considered important since it is linked with the economic and social development of a country. In this regard; what makes a university great, remains an open question but focusing on what the student focuses while joining a business school is a present challenge in current scenario. In its response, to examine student's perspective in hindsight of social implications and previous research found through students indicating the importance of further development through student's perceptions which were also looked at and explored through qualitative study. To cover the research gap, researcher intends to conduct empirical investigation in order to find out students join business schools because of fierce competition with other institute or possibly, of the opportunities the students foresee a route of progression. The study has collected data with the help of survey method where a questionnaire has been distributed among the key stakeholders and by conducting interviews from the respondents. The study has also followed secondary research where data is gathered through secondary sources including online journals, IBA libraries, annual reports, and business articles. The sample size that was used to conduct the survey for this research was of 200 individuals who comprised of learners, parents, staff members and employers. Accordingly, 12 interviews were conducted; 10 from students and 2 from teachers. In order to get measurable results, the investigator has used regression and correlation test to conduct hypothesis testing for the following study, and analyzed interviews using thematic method. Results show that there is a strong and statistical significance correlation between selection of institute, quality of academics, and reputation of university. Meanwhile, it has positive relation too with the preference to study abroad, institutional environment, and quality of services. These institutes would reinforce and market themselves as of akin just so they can reinstate by means of their curriculum by which on the contrary indicate that there is a positive impact of quality of education and reputation of a university on the selection criteria of students to study at a university. Furthermore, thematic analysis also suggests that quality of education, educational standards and reputation of university is critically important when selecting a university. Meanwhile, additional analysis has indicated that some students preferred to get admission in other institutes even after they were offered admission in IBA. Thus, it shows that there is a need for improvements in IBA. In this regards, further detailed study is suggested to explore why students did not get enroll in IBA. From the analysis of both qualitative and qualitative data, it has been identified that for the case of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), it is evident that both quality of education and name of the institution play an important role in the selection criteria of the educational institute. From the comparative analysis of potential students and Alumni, it has been found that quality parameters are of much more importance to Alumni because they possess better knowledge as they have experienced it by studying in institute. It has been recommended that counselling hours and assurance of academics should be made better if IBA is to maintain its prestigious



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