Hamood Baig,


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The companies around the world have been facing economic and financial challenges and the complexed business environment. The business leaders are striving hard to enhance the ability of their companies to provide quality products and services to their customers at a competitive price in the local, regional and global marketplace. The business strategists as well experts across the world are fully confident that, the management of employees’ performance is the productivity key driver which utilized properly, will exploit overall organizational ability.

Employee performance specifies the use of employee’s specific actions that have a contribution to achieve the organizational objectives. It is defined as the technique to perform a particular job or tasks according to the laid down job description. There are various aspects that affect the performance of employees in the organizations and stress at workplace is one of those.

Stress is a worldwide fact and persons from even every walk of life experience this reality. Companies today are desperately examining the stress management issues that result in poor productivity of an employee which fallouts from discontentment.

The research is intended to recognize and scrutinize the reasons and effects of workplace stress over the Job performance of participants of MBA (Executive) IBA Karachi working in the corporate sector. This study is also designed to find out the impact of stressors such as; discontentment over salary package, job insecurity, prolong working hours, ambiguity in job description, stress during traveling to work place aM domestic issues. The self-administered and structured questionnaire was distributed among 125 participants of MBA (Executive) IBA Karachi, out 125 participants only 109 responded. The data was analyzed through Pearson’s correlation and Regression SPSS version 20, analysis of data revealed that; workplace stress is negatively correlated with employees’ productivity while the stressors like discontentment over salary package, job insecurity, prolonged working hours, ambiguity in job description, and stress during traveling to work place are the causes of workplace stress and are positively correlated with workplace stress.

Whereas no relationship between domestic issues and workplace stress was not proved in statistical test results of the survey, however personal interviews with experts on die subject confirmed positive relationship between workplace stress and domestic issues along with other stressors i.e. discontentment over salary package, job insecurity, prolong working hours, ambiguity in job description, and stress during traveling to workplace

At the end of the report, recommendations were made for the corrective measures, which are required to be taken by the executives and employers of business organizations to diminish the effects of job stress on permanent basis and required to formulate employee oriented policies to magnify the productivity and to mitigate the job stress among the employees of corporate sector of Karachi.


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