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Tapal Energy (Private) Limited (TEL) is a joint venture independent power project of local and international investors* set-up in 1997 to build, own and operate a 126 MW thermal power plant to supply electricity to Karachi Electric then Karachi Electric Supply Corporation An Pakistan, for being a lucrative business, power sector organizations are operating all over in abundance. However, no two companies are working on identical lines and, therefore, have different equipment and methodology to run the business according to the policy of Management/BOD.The Company has the best plant facilities, a world class operating contractor along with a compliment of trained, diligent and hardworking staff, which combines to make Tapal Energy (Pvt.) Limited as one of the leading IPPs in Power Generation Industry in Pakistan.Right from the outset of this power project,TEL prides in employing highly technically trained locals who are capable of performing complex mechanical or electrical repair and maintenance with minimum input from the OEM. To keep the motivation high and provide enough growth opportunities, the Company is fully committed to reward above market price with a challenging environment to achieve excellence in their career aspirations. A known fact of management is that Human Resource is the core to success for any organization. One can only have competitive advantage by having a good staff combination of officers and staff, which is trained and retained. The material things can be bought easily by any organization but human brains are unique which cannot be duplicated. 1 firmly believe that it*s human mind behind success of any organization. If we have right combination of people who are fully motivated and committed, the organization will continue to grow. We must know that replacing an employee can cost as much as high in some cases even up to 150% of the employee's annual salary. Therefore, the higher the salary or position, the higher the turnover would cost. At TEL, despite being an organization considered to be one of the market competitive salary payers, it is found that “Employee Turnover Ratio** had gone up to an extent which not only become an alarming situation for the management but, it also effected the operational efficiency of the Power Plant. The dwindling numbers of employees once become so high that it extended up to 18J%Jh\s entire research is, therefore, aimed at finding out the Root Cause Analysis of High Turnover at Tapal Energy (Private) Limited and getting into its nitty-gritty through related statistical tools and methods avaiable in HR competency model.

Different methods have been considered by the TEL management to know the behind such a great number of Turnovers. Henceforth, a Confirmatory Research and Survey were conducted. Survey was meant to test a heretofore,the hypothesis which was derived from the results and previous studies of Tapal Energy (Pvt.) Limited and other sister organizations. For this, a Self-Administered Questionnaire was prepared containing many possible aspects, which can be one of the reasons behind, were amply discussed. Questionnaire was divided into two sections. Compensation & Benefit and Induction of Trainee Engineer. The data collected from three different Power Plants operating in Karachi. A total of 200 respondents were examined for this purpose. IN order to go trough tire secondary research, different reports on the same issue were analyzed which includes A Review of the Literature on Employee Turnover; African Journal of Business Management’, ‘The International Journal of Human Resource Management’ (Volume 24, 2013), ‘Journal of Applied Psychology’ (72:374-81), Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Annual Survey Report; Reward Management’ (2014-15) and some others given out under the list of references.


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