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Qualitative analysis includes primary data collection through survey of CMMS end users which are mainly maintenance engineers. Also interviews of local & global CMMS consultants and end user were taken to identify gaps in implementation and utilization.

Executive Summary

Process industries comprise of mixing, processing and separation of items that become discrete while packaging. In this study we have selected oil and gas, fertilizer, chemical, power and cement industries. The idea behind this study was to determine current status of computerized maintenance management system in Pakistan. For this purpose, survey was conducted from process industry end users in order to determine extent of utilization and effectiveness of CMMS. Also interviews of CMMS consultants working globally and locally of top selling solutions was conducted along with interview of Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional in order to determine importance of CMMS, problems during implementation and their recommendations for effective use.

During survey it was found that 44% of the companies did not have CMMS. Even out of the remaining companies which do have CMMS, 40% of the companies does not track any maintenance KPI, more than 50% of the companies does not track preventive maintenance orders percentage completion, nearly 65% does not perform root cause analysis and more than 50% does not track repair and maintenance cost through CMMS. The effectiveness of CMMS was determined against two global benchmarks: TMC/RAV and spares inventory/RAV. During further combined analysis of survey and secondary research, it was found that TMC/RAV of companies having EAM solution was 3.8% as compared to 5.4% to the ones without using any CMMS. Also more than 60% of the companies have TMC/RAV ratio greater than global benchmark of 3%. In order to check practical implication of theoretical benchmarks, comparison of Pakistani process industries was done with fifteen companies of Middle East. During comparison it was found that TMC/RAV of Pakistani companies was 4.6% as compared to Middle East companies of 1% whereas the global benchmark was 2.5%.

Interviews and correspondence were also earned out with global and local CMMS consultants, certified maintenance and reliability professional and global life cycle engineering consultant as a part of primary research. During interviews with CMMS consultants it was found that provision of maintenance related KPFs is only available in SAP whereas it is not present in other solutions. Also gap was found between consultant and end user regarding requirement of end user.



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