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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Existence of hotels, dhabas restaurants and “Thelas'* rich fully express our nation's love to food. Pakistani dishes are good combination of color, taste and presentation. As we have variety in ethnicity so we have a variety in our taste. Our love to food creates immense business opportunities. Therefore it is a steady streaming people into this food business, whether providing relaxing but expensive ambiance to enjoy meals and beverages or ordering online for whole family to enjoy food at ease paying economically.

This report presents an entrepreneurial study of launching an online home-made food service in Hyderabad. The idea of the study comes from the ever growing food and restaurant service in Hyderabad. The presence of many restaurants and a few online business, for example, “EatOye" Hyderabad, Baba Tikka Hyderabad, Food Panda Hyderabad, Pizza 300, Pizza 20, “Salwa” unit 6 Latifabad, as well as local several restaurants and international cliatns e-g Pizza hut, KFC, McDonalds are working in the city. A close look into their order system, one can find easily they all are providing fast food and specialty in one item i-e fast foods, pizza, different types of salad and lazzania. This huge existence indicates the thriving food business on several factors like taste quality of service and ambiance the existing dynamics signals for an online food service providing traditional home made dishes, a high potential for a new type of cuisine.

Based on

this belief supported the idea of researcher to establish a unique cuisine which is not common in Hyderabad. Thus the researcher has developed a feasibility report for launching an online food service in Hyderabad, proposed name is Tashtiree, Tashtiree is an online restaurant idea to cater the growing need of food and beverages patrons. The business will be particularly designed to fulfil the clients’ wishes tastefully with a blend of ethnic dishes. Tashtiree will Establish its competitive advantage through providing its unique combo of ethnic and Contemporary dishes on demand within the ordering time and complimentary features.


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