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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Cargo services, Karachi

Executive Summary

This research paper studies the mechanism by which the current cargo transport within the City of Karachi operates and finds it to be operating in an informal sector offering minimal to no convenience and customer service to customers.

In the present scenario, customers go through a hassle to get their cargo moved. By discussing an automated business model to serve as a platform to automate cargo vehicle procurement and eventual cargo movement through a proposed transport hailing app, these shortfalls are addressed.

Starting with studying relevant literature and similar services globally and going through extensive primary’research covering; customer surveys, interview with experts and potential business customers to focus group with existing transport vehicle owners and drivers, running a pilot operation, working towards development of proposed app, registering drivers to developing material for social media marketing, a business model canvas has been developed which presents technical as well as financial analysis. The canvas along with the primary research analysis and literature review has been presented in this paper. The canvas discusses in detail the shortfalls in the current market and proposes solutions and justifies the business side as well as the marketing side of proposed solution.

The paper concludes that the proposed business plan will cover significant gaps in the market by serving the proposed customers through evolved ways to serving their cargo movement needs through their smartphones, computers or through a call to a professional call center along with real time tracking of the arriving empty vehicle and eventual delivery of their cargo to the chosen destination. To maintain transparency prices will be based on a formula developed considering research results. If the model is a success, savings will be offered through better utilization of existing market assets.

As in the first stage only the consumer market will be served it is recommended that after

the initial glitches are fixed the solution should soon be offered to businesses who will eventually become the major revenue generating segment and help maintain a sustainable competitive differential advantage.



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