Syed Jehanzeb


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award


Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

We started with the idea lo build a standalone online pharmacy and quickly reached lo the conclusion that there are major trust issues from all the stakeholders involved i.e. Customers. Manufacturers and Regulators. One way lo gain trust is by establishing a Brand. I'or a pharmacy to make a brand of itself, it needs to have a physical presence, which has been recommended through opening a small neighborhood pharmacy. The trust deficit was also reflected from our secondary research, according to which majority of standalone online pharmacies sold counterfeit or illegal drugs. 1 he same information was reflected from the primary search where customers put quality and trust before price. Though this understanding seems lo be missing from the retailers w ho believed that discount is the prime factor for success, which may be true but quality trumps. This is also evident from observing the biggest pharmacies in Karachi eg. limes Medicos. Kausar Medicos etc. which does not give discount to their customers.



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