Tariq Iqbal,


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Government Sponsored housing schemes used to be the main source for getting a piece of land for residential purpose. However, during last 20 - 25 Years it has been observed that different private housing societies are being introduced in the country especially in Karachi, which has resulted rapid increase in the cost of land. Comparing to the past, it has become very difficult for salaried class to own a house or plot in a reputable locality. Contrary to the present situation, the salaried class used to manage own house during middle of their service or age but now it’s not possible owing to very high cost of land especially in urban areas. Results of primary and secondary research support to the problem statement that housing prices in private and other housing schemes are increasing enormously especially in Karachi. So do we need to have more number of governments sponsored housing schemes instead of other housing schemes? During the research process the emphasis remained on following three questions so that a realistic response is obtained at the end.

  • Which form or type of housing scheme is most affordable for general public?
  • Which form or type of housing schemes are most admired among general public?
  • Is it possible for a salaried person to acquire a plot or house in a reputable locality?

Secondary research was carried out through literature review from the internet. Primary research subsequently carried out through the survey questionnaire and conducting in depth interviews of 3 important persons of real estate sector. Null and Alternate Hypothesis have been framed in such a way that results must provide us the factual outcome whether to have government sponsored housing schemes or not. The circulated survey questionnaire responded back by 116 individuals. Around 80 percent respondents supported the idea to have the government housing schemes again which proved the null hypothesis. However, 20 percent respondents did not agree to it.

The consensus response of the respondents was that it has become very difficult for salaried class to own a plot and house in a reputable locality. Therefore, like the past practice government must introduce and announce government sponsored housing schemes on regular basis. Most of the respondents admired Armed Forces Housing Schemes because of their better management and high rate of return.

Basing on the results/findings/conclusions drawn from the primary and secondary research, recommendations have been framed which needs to be considered at appropriate level for the better management and growth of the real estate sector in Pakistan. Important recommendations that Government has to introduce housing schemes for the lower middle and middle class like 5 Marla (120 square yards) schemes. To have transparency declared (DC) value and actual value have to be similar and it is the only way to attract foreign investment in the real estate sector. Last but not the least, legal reforms for the real estate sector can’t be further delayed.


VIII, 74

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