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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

VF Corporation is an American apparel company. It is the worldwide leader in making powerful brands of clothing. It was established in 1899 and it’s headquarter is in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is the parent organization of more than 30 famous brands. VF is the best at bringing people comfort and quality through their brands. Today, VF is a 17 billion USD attire and footwear company, with an incredible international portfolio of brands and products that reach customers wherever they choose to shop.

Dressing up kids in a way which make them feel comfortable and stylish at the same time is important. Sales of international children’s brands continue showing signs of improvement and has begun to lure in even more brands. As parents, people are now taking responsibility to dress their little ones in clothes which are of the finest quality fabrics available in market. Due to so many children’s apparel brands opening every other day in Pakistan it turns out somewhat hectic for parents to choose which brand can be trusted.

VF is producing its brands in Pakistan. The products ranging from men’s wears to women fashion garments. The kids range is very decorative in terms of comfort and style. VF has huge market in Pakistan however they are not selling their children’s wear here. As the population and living styles are changing, I believe it’s a great opportunity for VF to start penetrating the market.

In this report, I have tried to give the readers an idea that how viable it is to start selling VF kids brands in Pakistani market. I have studied the business trends of other brands who has successfully launched their kids apparels in Pakistan and now our flourishing with success. I have also tried to find out the current buying approach of parents for their kids.

The study is based on two assumptions. People these days are brand conscious and they prefer quality more over price. It is limited to questionnaire survey from the end users and interviews from the VF Corporates in Pakistan. The study is based on the customers’ perspective of the brand’s image; how keen they are about having the VF kid’s garments in their reach.

To assess the customers’ viewpoint, questionnaire survey was conducted via email and instant message as a web link. 109 people responded, most of them are males. Half of the respondents are salaried, doing jobs in different organizations. While one fourth of the respondents run their own business. Most of them have monthly income between 25,000 to 50,000 PKR.

VF has enough assets for introducing children wear in Pakistan. There is no issue of the material availability as the production of VF brands is being done in Pakistan also.

Many of the respondents claimed that they shop at least once in three months and about half of them usually avail the branded shops. The respondents spend a big chunk of their spending on ready-made clothes and very little on specially stitched clothes which is a positive fact for our study. Respondents know about many of the kids’ apparel brands, so the brand consciousness has been increasing among the masses in Pakistan.

Jeans, shirts and T-shirts are one of the most popular children wear among the respondents. Obvious from the study also that casual wear is popular among kids’ apparel and that is where our company’s focus too.

About 62% respondents attached high importance to the Brands of clothes they purchase. About 75% attached high importance to Quality and 67% to Comfort. 89% of the respondents think that branded apparels offer more comfort, better quality and more reliable apparels than other unbranded apparel stores. So, although they attached higher importance to quality and comfort than brand, they do think that they can get the quality and comfort more reliably from the branded apparels.I have studied the business trends of other brands who has successfully launched their kids apparels in Pakistan and now our flourishing with success. I have also tried to find out the current buying approach of parents for their kids.

More than half of the respondents are keen about VF introducing children wear in Pakistan. While they also have shown their intention to purchase from VF, if its children wear is made available in Pakistan. It also shows that people are now more quality conscious for their kids well and have started to spend good money on it. All the big Brands are now establishing their business in Pakistan. They have their own children Brands which is also a good sign for to take their share. VF as a apparel giant can also play major role if start doing as new comers children’s wear.

There is a huge untapped potential for the VF to introduce children wear in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are now more towards brands, quality and comfort. They are now willing to spend more money to make their children look good and decent. For VF, it is a bright opportunity to step in the children wear market of Pakistan and earn its share. It will be a great start as the strong brand name behind VF will help in penetrating the market. As VF has multiple brands, this will also give more opportunities for consumers to get more variety.



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