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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This Project is conducted in the view to provide basic key Factors and element which will lead the growth of ADC (Alternate Delivery Channel) of banking in Pakistan on the basis of one of the most widely used models in the technology adoption, TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) that was proposes by Davis, Bagozzi and Washaw in (1989) which was developed to explain the computer usage behavior and has ranging pp empirical support through applications, replications, and validations.

In current scenario ADC is and will play a vital role in banking industry and its efficacy in banking is increasing Day by Day as this is the Alternate ways to provide banking service to the consumers mostly by use of technology and this has helped banks to increase their efficiency along with reducing the cost of operations and on the other hand it has provided customer the flexibility, convenience and timely use of banking services specially in payments.

In this study we did Pakistan's Banking Industry analysis on payment side to find out key facts about the payment infrastructure and payment transactions of Pakistan banking industry to comment on the existing usage of ADC and its future growth potential and after the analysis we have found out that although the ADC transactions are growing on year on year basis but still there is ample room available for future growth.

In my primary research I have establish 16 important factors on the basis of TAM and other key factors influencing the choice of payment system and did my empirical analysis through survey conducted with different individuals to find out the efficacy of those factors and built my conclusion and recommendation on the basis of those findings.

Through this research I have found out that Banks further need to improve the infrastructure of ADC to support the future growth mean while Banks also need to improve the marketing effort to promote the ADC along with that banks should revisit their existing and future ADC channels to make them more useful and easy to use by the customers as there is large market available for ADC in Pakistan because of high concentration of young people living in the country with having all the key requirements to employ ADC like Internet , Mobile phones and Mobile Data network) and also willing to patronize ADC over Conventional payment solutions.



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