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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

With a paradigm shift in banking technology and consumer preferences, banking today has experienced a colossal change and a gradually shifting trend towards developing the Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC). ADC is defined as channels tlhat extend the reach of a traditional bank branch through use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). There are various modes of ADC banking channels that show potential of changing the prospect of banking services. These modes characteristically involve ATM, Mobile banking, Credit & Debit Cards, Digital and online banking, Branchless Banking, SMS services, Call Centers and IVR etc. More fine tech innovations are changing the way these channels work, and new services are evolving. ADC has been significantly important in terms of revolutionizing that means of banking services to its customers which are considered as the wide need of this technological era.

Pakistan is among those countries that have been experiencing this tremendous transformation at a steady growth rate, however, there is a large margin for providing these services to the unbaked population from among the 200 million people in the country. For example, 63.6 % of the population consists of people residing in rural areas. These people, due to lack of access, and education account for only 2.4% customers using banking. Furthermore, the customers have very vague knowledge about what ADC channels are available, and how to use these channels as per banking services. Additionally, implication of introducing ADC in the country means investment in terms of infrastructure, education, knowledge, awareness and perhaps even change in regulations. This has led to the decreased uptake in use of these services.



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