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MBA Executive Research Project

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Pakistan is Asia's 8 largest exporters of textiles. Textile’s share is 9.5% of GDP and employs around fifteen million people, which is almost a third of the total 49 million jobs in the country. It offers 5% of the global spinning capacity, and the 3'^* largest in Asia after China and India. The country is also world's fourth largest manufacturer of cotton.

The Textile Industry in Pakistan is going through a lean period. In an ever competitive and technologically advanced global market, Pakistan is losing ground to new entrants and upstarts for a variety of reasons. Most of these reasons are well documented like first and foremost the Energy Crisis which includes both Electricity and Gas. Other major reasons for this decline have been identified as Pakistan’s tight Monetary and Credit Policies, Lack of Research and Development in Cotton related products, antiquated machinery, Inconsistent Textile Policies of the Government and High Cost of Labor and Raw Materials.


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