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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research project was meant to find the causes of dissatisfaction among employees at Air Base 2. Complaints of dis-satisfactory policies and actions to the top leadership of the organization in a formal mass meeting lead to the conception of the idea behind the research work. I hoped to find a large array of factors causing disturbance among employees. On the contrary research revealed a relatively much satisfied lot of employees.

I carried out literature review to find out the factors responsible for ensuring employee satisfaction in an organization. A lot has been written on this topic. Explanation of the topic has been provided by different experts. Work has been done on

measuring employee satisfaction index by many authors. Methodologies differ in approach. Seven factors approach by Bernard Marr, being latest is most relevant and feasible. Equity theory and Herzberg's two factors provided explanation of the subject. The three questions ESI approach offers convenient approach to measuring ESI.

In order to explore the problem, I conducted interviews with many employees and gained insight into their thinking and attitudes. In order to conduct primary research, 1 developed a questionnaire, adapting three question approach and seven factors approach to measure employee satisfaction index. The questionnaire helped me in identifying areas of employee concern and narrow down to problems responsible for employee dissatisfaction.

Statistical analysis of primary data revealed a satisfactory ESI, 70.57% for three questions approach and 77.15% with seven factors approach. However, a few factors did come up as contenders for dissatisfaction causes among the workforce. These factors include:

1. Lack of clear path for career advancement.

2. Perception that good work does not get you promotion.

3. Empowerment and delegation of authority to take decisions

Problem areas highlighted above need to be addressed in order to further enhance employee satisfaction index and improve overall performance of the organization and employee loyalty and engagement for a fulfilling job experience.

The research was limited to a single base. In order to get wholesome data and attitudes of the whole population of employees of Pakistan Air Force an organization wide research is needed. Problems of career advancement and job insecurity are the most disturbing factors. Further, focused research will help in better understanding the problem and help develop measures for addressing this problem.



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