Abid Hussain,


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The CPEC has been chosen as the topic for discussion due to its significance in terms of economic and social development of Pakistan. The project is important in connecting Pakistan to key Asian markets. In addition to this, it will act as a corridor between Pakistan and China. The study aims to understand and develop a comprehensive Project Manager Scorecard for energy projects under CPEC or its logical spill over. In this research, the mixed methodology has been has been applied which has helped in gathering numeric and subjective data, and carrying out objective analysis. The research involves both primary and secondary sources. The use of statistical analysis and numeric data has helped in improving the reliability of this research. In the prospect of applying scorecard practices, the study revealed that specific positions during project management may found to be important in catering the overall outcomes in a specified manner.

The key skills necessary for project managers include project management, team management,

conflict management, and others. The need for high-quality project management is high to ensure the success of projects. The purpose of using qualitative methodology is to get an in-depth knowledge of the research topic. The difference between quantitative and qualitative research method is that the quantitative research involves objectivity whereas qualitative method involves subjectivity. In the mixed research method, the researcher uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. In the mixed method, the researcher gathers both numeric and qualitative data. The purpose of using mixed research method is to improve the reliability and implications of research. In this research, the mixed methodology has been chosen. The quantitative methodology has been helpful in gathering numeric data and carrying out objective analysis.

Project Manager Scorecard for Energy Projects under CPEC is well developed. It can be used by Government and Partner Companies to find right Project Manager and/or to gauge already hired Project Managers. Additionally, it is useful for Educational Institutes to teach skills for both certificate and degree courses on Project Management. The study has identified various job responsibilities related to the scope of project manager on the basis of which projects can be executed smoothly and without facing any risks when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of project manager.


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