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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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Dr. Rameez Khalid

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

A Project Life Cycle (PLC) is the combination of phases that leads a project from start till the closure. Recently awareness and adoption of best practices in Project Management has gained momentum in Pakistan and academia has explored several research topics in this domain. However, after literature review we decided to focus on Project Life Cycle Phases and Methodologies in practice in Software Industries in Pakistan. Any factor that put some impact on PLC and PLC impact on project success gauged by Iron Triangle, are the part of this research. Since Software industry in Pakistan is one of the most organized industry, we remained focused on software industry. Started with literature review to identify the gaps, followed by industry experts' interviews to reconfirm uninvited research unexplored research areas and lacking in research backing support on perpetuated best practices. This also supports in selection of data sets collected by questionnaires. Sample comprises of 134 participants' input from 134 distinct software industry projects. Participation from five broader customer industry including Defense/Aviation, finance/Banking, ICT,Manufacturing and Services in this research, on the other hand significant participation from NGO,Public sector and Private sector. Data compilation assert that a fair percentage of professional are well aware of PLC in general and on their project under discussion, to be more precise 79.1% are aware of Project Life Cycle terminology where as 20.9% have misconception about Project Life Cycle. Research also provide sufficient evidence that presence of POM in an organization also played an important role in conceptual correctness. 89.15% participants of origination with established POM have correct knowledge about PLC and PMLC differences where without POM organization this figure is 62.74%. Life cycle phases have range from 3 to 11, however more than half that is 56% have number of life cycle phases between 5 to 6. Research provided sufficient evidence that projects following PLC industry standard have success rate of 72% in contrast with 33% of those who not followed PLC industry standard. Out of those who follow industry standard, typical number of project phases are between 5 and 6. Iron tingle fulfillment is an indicator of project success, projects followed industry standard fulfilled iron triangle with rate of 72% where as those who do not follow industry standard have fulfillment rate of 32% only.



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